The Vietnam Association for the Nourishment of the Intestinal and Gastrointestinal tract has the following name:
- Vietnamese name: Vietnam Association for the Nourishment of Intravenous and Gastrointestinal tract.
- English name: Vietnamese Society for Parenteral Enteral Nutrion (VietSPEN).

VietSPEN is a voluntary, non-profit socio-professional organization of Vietnamese individuals and organizations that have been doing professional work, research, and medical teaching in the field of nurturing static sugar. vessels and digestive tract.
Vietnam Association for the Nourishment of Intravenous and Gastrointestinal tract It is also a place for physicians and members to update, exchange, study and help each other in order to improve their professional qualifications, skills, social relations, in order to develop the field of activities of the Association. health care for the people is better.
In addition, the Vietnam Association of Intestinal and Gastrointestinal Nourishment participates in scientific research, scientific consultation, contributes ideas to competent authorities, trains human resources in the field of the Association. activities, communication, health education in the community, as well as international relations and integration.

The association was established in 10/2020
Association President: (updating)
- During the first term (20 ... - 20 ...):
+ Executive Committee: (updating)
+ Members, Standing Committee: (updating)
+ The vice presidents: (updating)
+ Secretary General: (updating)
+ Secretaries: (updating)

Clinical Nutrition Department in Cho Ray Hospital - HCM City - VN

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